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Bulk Mixed Nuts & Raisins 1kg

Brazil nuts are a great source of fibre, Vitamin E and Selenium. Not only this, but they are convenient and versatile. Brazil nuts are a family favourite, so definitely a kitchen staple.

Why not make some Brazil nut cookies to pair with a coffee? Or maybe try them in a savoury dish, with their deeply nutty and creamy flavour.

Brazil nuts are a powerful antioxidant, and although they work wonderfully in recipes, as a simple snack they are the perfect health boost.

For the more health-conscious, nut butters are a brilliant way to get creative. They are a healthy way to start your day, easily customisable to suit your tastes with flavour and texture combinations.

Minimalistic food-grade packaging, made out of recyclable plastic. Minimum waste, maximum flavour. This family-run business is full of love, packed in the UK to the highest standard.

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Hides Fine Foods’ Mixed Nuts and Raisins offer you the best of both worlds: convenience and taste. This mix is incredibly versatile, and will become a principal part of your diet.

You cannot find anything more perfect to add to cereals than our Mixed Nuts and Raisins. This rich combination of peanuts, raisins, walnuts, almonds, and brazil nuts hold many health benefits. Full of protein and antioxidants, this mix is a wonderful way to start the day.

But here at Hides Fine Foods, we have so much faith in our Mixed Nuts and Raisins that we know that they’re not limited to breakfast. Why not try our recipe for Roasted Fruit and Nuts? A sweet and spicy snack, they’re ideal for a party table or even to take to work. You could make a trail mix, a sure hit for a healthy alternative to crisps. But life is short, so what about baking? Why not try and make a flapjack with our Mixed Nuts and Raisins. Rich and decadent, this mix will add a lovely earthy taste to your bake, cutting through the sweetness of the syrup. Why not layer some melted chocolate on top? We all know how well raisins and chocolate work together.

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions21.6 × 18.4 × 5.4 cm

Hides Fine Foods

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Mixed Nuts & Raisins

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Mixed Nuts and Raisins Mixed Nuts and Raisins


Roasted fruit and nuts


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