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Bulk Brazil Nuts 1kg (Whole )

Brazil nuts are a great source of fibre, Vitamin E and Selenium. Not only this, but they are convenient and versatile. Brazil nuts are a family favourite, so definitely a kitchen staple.

Why not make some Brazil nut cookies to pair with a coffee? Or maybe try them in a savoury dish, with their deeply nutty and creamy flavour.

Brazil nuts are a powerful antioxidant, and although they work wonderfully in recipes, as a simple snack they are the perfect health boost.

For the more health-conscious, nut butters are a brilliant way to get creative. They are a healthy way to start your day, easily customisable to suit your tastes with flavour and texture combinations.

Minimalistic food-grade packaging, made out of recyclable plastic. Minimum waste, maximum flavour. This family-run business is full of love, packed in the UK to the highest standard.

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Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions23.5 × 20.5 × 5.5 cm

Hides Fine Foods

Product Description

Whole Brazil Nuts

Nutritional Information

Whole Brazil Nuts Whole Brazil Nuts

1 review for Bulk Brazil Nuts 1kg (Whole )

  1. Diane Hamar

    Munchy, Crunchy and More-ish!I really enjoyed them – eaten before I could bake with them!

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