Corporate hampers filled with high-end luxury brands, make the perfect gift for all occasions. Hides only use products you wouldn’t normally find, they are amazing

Why Hides Hampers

We work closely with clients to tailor-make hampers for your requirements.
You have the option to have your corporate branding on the hampers.
The inclusion of a unique personalised message.
Family run business with more of a personal touch.
Free delivery to Corporate Customers premises (minimum order apply)
We are passionate about fine foods.
We are committed to customer service.
Reasons why Corporate clients purchase hampers.

Taking Care of your Customers

Express your heart-felt thanks and retain the support of your valued Customers.
Customer loyalty schemes.

Recognising and rewarding Staff

Employee of the month
Long Service Award
Outstanding performance

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Small green presentation box
Hides | 10 X Green Hamper Box Small (empty)

(empty) Green Hamper Box Small

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Large green hamper box
Hides | 10 X Green Hamper Box Large (empty)

(empty) Green Hamper Box Large

12" wicker
Hides | 10 x Wicker Hamper 12″ (empty)

(empty) Wicker Hamper 12″

Red hamper tray
Hides | 24 X Red Hamper Tray (empty)

(empty) Red Hamper Tray

wicker 14"
Hides | 24 X Wicker Hamper 14″ (empty)

(empty) Wicker Hamper 14″

18" wicker
Hides | 24 X Wicker Hamper 18″ (empty)

(empty) Wicker Hamper 18″

24" wicker
Hides | 4 X Wicker Hamper 24″ (empty)

(empty) Wicker Hamper 24″