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Trail and Hill Walking

Trail and Hill Walking

Walking for health isn’t a new concept. We are always told to walk rather than take the bus, but could walking form the foundations of our exercise regime?


Hill walking is something which many people see as a leisure activity, to do with the family on a nice day, yet hill walking is incredibly beneficial to our health. Hill walking supports our cardiovascular system, helping to strengthen our muscles and burn calories. It can prevent osteoporosis and can improve symptoms of arthritis too. Hill walking is a wonderful way to invest in your own body, and your mind too.


Instead of simply walking on a treadmill, you are getting wonderfully beneficial fresh air and also soaking up the wonderful scenery your country has to offer. If exercise isn’t necessarily something you look forward to, being able to take in the scenery and distract yourself is not only a great way to get your exercise in but it’s a real benefit to your mental health. Walking outdoors is notorious for reducing stress levels and helping to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Helping to improve concentration and focus, and even just taking some time for yourself to improve your mood and mental state is a great accompaniment to exercise which you would not simply attain from an indoor workout.


According to the Harvard School of Public Health, women who walk 30 minutes per day reduce their risk of stroke by 20% –  and by 40% when stepping it out and taking more of a brisk walk.* You can naturally control your own pace and incline, starting out with a walk around the park during your lunch break to build up your stamina before starting a hill walk.


As we at Hides Fine Foods are based in Durham, here are some of the best hill walks in the North East.


  1. Simonside Hills – 4.5 miles – Coquetdale near Morpeth, Northumberland
  2. Steel Rigg – 4 miles – Henshaw, Northumberland
  3. Roseberry Topping – 2 miles – North York Moors, England
  4. Old Waggon Way walk – 6.19 miles – County Durham
  5. Causey Arch – 4 miles – near Stanley in County Durham
  6. Cairn Hill – 8.5 miles – near Wooler, Northumberland
  7. Farne Islands view – 8.99 miles – off the coast of Northumberland
  8. High Force and Bowlees Geo Trail – 4-5 miles – Newbiggin in County Durham 
  9. View of Dunstanburgh Castle – 3.80 miles – Alnwick, Northumberland
  10. Striding Edge – 8 miles – Helvellyn, Cumbria
  11. Scafell Pike is the highest mountain in England and a great climb. Find out more about it here.

It is incredibly important that you are prepared before you embark on a walk, however minor you see it to be. If you’re taking on a walk like Scafell Pike, there are many things you need to equip yourselves with to make safety your number one priority. The British Mountaineering Council have issued a guide for new hill walkers, which is essential reading for anyone considering this type of walking.

The British Mountaineering Council say that “as crucial as taking suitable equipment is having sufficient food and drink”, and we certainly agree with this at Hides Fine Foods. We’ve got some very tasty pre-made mixes such as our Bulk Tropical Mix A Blend of Dried Fruit and Nuts, Bulk Seaweed and Sesame Coated Peanut Crackers, and our Bulk Japanese Mix. Alternatively, why not try making our delicious Peanut and Date Energy Balls? Not only are they incredibly tasty but also a great source of natural energy.



The information in this article is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. This should not be used for health or diet recommendations. Third party sources have been provided where used. Some estimates have been used in this article and should be checked by the reader prior to consideration. Hides Fine Foods takes no responsibility for the subsequent use or application of the information provided in this article.

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