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sunflower seeds

Exploring the Benefits of Sunflower Seeds for Skin and Hair Health

There are many ways to include seeds in your diet, from eating them as a snack to incorporating them into smoothies, salads, curries, and breakfast bowls. If you regularly include a little handful of seeds in your daily diet it helps to improve your skin and hair quality.

dried fruit

Exploring the Health Benefits of Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are rich in essential nutrients. However, it is always good to have them in moderation as part of a balanced diet. They can be eaten on their own as a quick and healthy snack, or they can be a terrific addition to cereals, salads, yogurt, and smoothies.  Unlocking the Nutritional Goodness of Dried […]

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The Benefits of Reducing your Meat Intake

The Benefits of Reducing your Meat Intake Meat is a staple of much of our diets. Versatile and full of protein, it has been a large part of the British diet for as long as has been recorded. However, recently there has been a steep rise in vegetarian or plant based diets. Currently, 14% of […]

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Dry Fruits and Nuts:  How healthy are they?

Dry Fruits and Nuts:  How healthy are they? It’s a moment of righteousness isn’t it?  You’re on the evening commute.  It’s hit the snack witching hour.  You watch the others getting out their choice of crisps, chocolates or little snackette then boom! – out you pull your nuts and seeds, tidily measured into a little […]

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