Innovation behind the quest to produce a great tasting, but genuinely better for you cola was the inspiration that drove the creation of Green Cola in the first place. We are committed to this vision, and are continuing to innovate in order to bring more great tasting, better for you soft drinks to our customers in the UK.
Whilst we were sourcing our salmon skins, the fishmongers would tell us they usually throw the skins away. We soon discovered that almost half of all seafood caught in the UK is thrown away, so we decided to address this issue by using the usually wasted yet nutrient-packed skin to create our crisps!
Snaffling Pig's goal in life is to get people talking. We know when food or drink is involved, conversation flows and people loosen up. We create indulgent products that encourage conversation and lighten the mood. We know we're not everyone's cup of tea, but that's ok as long as it gets you talking.